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From the Principal

Mr Michael Sawbridge

Dear Parents and Carers
Those of you who regularly attend our assemblies on Monday afternoon would know that we have been talking about keeping hands and feet to ourselves. Recently, we had a look at some data on physical misconduct, which is behaviour which involves students hurting other students physically, sometimes deliberately or sometimes accidentally in rough play. This is happening too often in our school, and the vast majority of these incidents involve boys! There is an old saying, “boys will be boys”, but we don’t accept that. This is not an excuse for physical aggression in schools or anywhere. Your sons, the boys who attend Silkstone in 2018, will be the men of the future and we all want them to grow into strong, respectful men. In this context, ‘strong’ means a person who is able to make the right decisions; a person who is resilient and respectful of others; a person who is able to help and support others.
There is no excuse for physical aggression in schools. We teach your sons lots of different ways to deal with problems. Many of these are in the High 5. The High 5 encourages children to:
1.  Walk away
2.  Ignore
3.  Talk Friendly
4.  Talk Firmly
5.  Report
These are the expected strategies for our students to use. We have decided on a new saying in our school to help everyone remember that physical aggression is not OK. It’s simple and states:
“If you hurt, you go!”
We need our students to understand that if they hurt someone, there will be a consequence. ‘Go’ means that they will go to timeout, or go to reset room, or go home, or be suspended.
“If you hurt, you go!” – NO EXCUSES!
Together, parents, families, staff and students need to work together to make this happen. Together, we can ensure that your sons, our students, our boys, grow into strong men of the future, who we can be proud of;  who respect other people; and who solve problems peacefully.
At Silkstone, we say NO! to physical violence and bullying in schools.
“If you hurt, you go!”
Have a great fortnight everyone

Mike Sawbridge